Dr. Molly Warsh, Associate Professor of History and WHC Associate Director, Takes Over as New Editor of the Journal of Early Modern History

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Molly A. Warsh, Associate Professor of History and Associate Director of Pitt's World History Center, has taken over as the editor of Journal of Early Modern History (JEMH), published by Brill. Established in 1997, the Journal of Early Modern History is a peer-reviewed journal based at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Premodern Studies. It is the first scholarly journal dedicated to scholarship about early modernity viewed from a world-historical perspective. JEMH is a leading publication in the field of global history on the period c. 1300-1800. Dr. Warsh takes over the editorship from Dr. Simon Ditchfield, a professor of history and director of the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (CREMS) at the University of York.

Dr. Warsh’s work as a globally-minded early modernist and as an active teacher and scholar of world history has helped to elevate Pitt’s reputation as a center for world historical research and teaching. In addition to numerous articles and a co-edited volume of essays, Dr. Warsh is the author of American Baroque: Pearls and the Nature of Empire 1492-1700 (Omohundro Institute/UNC Press, 2018) a study of the global repercussions of sixteenth-century Spanish Caribbean pearl fisheries. She is currently working on her next book on the history of itinerant labor. As the editor of JEMH, Dr. Warsh will continue to promote the utility of a world historical perspective on the global early modern world, strengthening the World History Center’s already well-established reputation for being one the nation’s foremost centers for global approaches to our shared past, and further the research profile of the Early Modern Worlds Initiative.